We work to spread peace through music.

Amer Shanati, musician, teacher, composer, and founder of Music for Peace, draws inspiration from his own musical experiences beginning in Syria during the war and keeping it going in refugee camps in the Netherlands.

Amer is using his experiences to propagate peace in communities that don’t know each other and don’t usually meet and find friends in each other.

Fostering unity and diversity through the merging of cultures? Using music as a universal language of peace? How does a small group of people living in a foreign country even start to do that? We have started and we do it by
1. Creating music education programs that include refugee and Dutch children together
2. Mixin’ it up, combining different types of music. We put on performances and do innovative things with music to demonstrate that diversity sounds lovely! (Hobbyists and amateurs —get yourselves in with us.)
3. Joining up people who make art! We know in our souls that art can influence hearts and bring change in society, so we intend to bring together different types of art ~ music, painting, dancing, theater, and visual arts.

More projects are on the way. Check back here often to see what’s coming up.